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Award-Winning Landscaping

Gardens, stone walls, terraces and original art features lend to SURFSIDE'S traditional coastal atmosphere. As you return from a visit to nearby Newport’s mansions or a sunset kayak cruise, you’ll know you’re home when you come upon SURFSIDE'S welcoming stone wall, constructed from native Narragansett stone. The wall tells the story of Narragansett’s history, as illustrated through an 80-foot-long mosaic tile mural encased in the wall’s stonework frame.

Within the wall’s border you’ll find a wide range of mature, indigenous annual and perennial plantings, designed to delight all four seasons – hydranegeas, roses, cherry trees, evergreens, ornamental grasses, native privet hedges, to name a few. Enjoy al of this beauty without the upkeep, thanks to the freedom of maintenance-free condominium living.

Extended terraces on ground floor residences meld into SURFSIDE'S garden walkway, the perfect setting to unwind after a day at the beach or in the city. Amidst brick walkways and fragrant plantings is British sculptor Hamish Mackie’s Hybrid bronze sculpture. Resembling a cross between a nautilus shell and fern, this sculpture was hand-selected by SURFSIDE'S developer, as it embodies the essence of SURFSIDE. Mackie is well-known for his love of the natural world around him, and his ability to capture that through his art for others to enjoy.

Mosaic Mural Tells Narragansett History
Working with a local historian, SURFSIDE'S developers commissioned two artists, Peter Geisser and Mika Seeger, to depict the area’s history using mosaic tiles as the medium. They created five vignettes which flow along the stone wall bordering SURFSIDE, against a background of ocean, sky and seagulls. The vignettes feature hallmarks of Narragansett history, including its rich farming and fishing heritage, as well as the grand Narragansett Pier Casino from the 1890s. Neutral tones and high-relief techniques compliment SURFSIDE'S natural ambiance.