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Artistic Features

SURFSIDE Narragansett features unique works of art - including a bronze sculpture by renowned British artist Hamish Mackie; a one-of-a-kind, handmade, 80-foot stoneware and porcelain mural created and installed under commission by Pell Award winner Peter Gessier and noted Rhode Island artist Mika Seeger; and handcrafted weathervanes by West Coast Weathervanes.

Hamish Mackie Sculpture
Hamish Mackie is establishing himself as one of the top British wildlife sculptors. He has been sculpting as a career since 1996 and has works in public and private collections around the world. His sculptures are cast in bronze or silver as limited editions, each signed, dated and numbered, as is the hybrid bronze nautilus scultpure displayed within SURFSIDE. Hamish sculpts from life where possible; this helps him capture the essence of his subject.

"The Waves of Narragansett" Art Wall
The 80-foot mural, which took over a year to complete, articulates the history of Narragansett using six distinct vignettes. The artists performed exhaustive research on the origins and history of the area, including months of interviews with local historians and Native American tribal leaders, as well as reviewing archived information at the South County Museum. 

Nautically Inspired Weathervanes
Created by West Coast Weathervanes of Santa Cruz, CA, the handcrafted weathervanes at SURFSIDE are inspired by their nautical surroundings. "Julia the Mermaid" greets friends as they enter SURFSIDE, the "Gray Whale" and "Seahorse" weathervanes compliment the seaside environment, and "Surfer Chris" overlooks the surfers at the southern end of Narragansett's town beach. Read the full story about the creation of our beautiful custom weathervanes.