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Walking Narragansett Beach at the turn of the 20th century, you would have seen Victorian style homes with classic shingle siding, charming lattice work, whimsical cupolas and turrets, steeply pitched roofs, and beautiful patio gardens.

From the outside, SURFSIDE'S coastal-inspired architecture is reminiscent of this quaint ambiance. Step inside and you’ll find the craftsmanship of days gone by juxtaposed against modern professional grade appliances and luxurious amenities.

In your SURFSIDE living space, there is no hard line between the inside and outside. Oversized windows, sliding doors and an open floor plan allow residents to easily connect with their surroundings.

Balconies and terraces capture the tranquility and sophistication of this traditional coastal village with views of Narragansett Bay and Lake Canonchet, as well as SURFSIDE'S own meticulously landscaped gardens, walks, trellises and fountains.